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Beckett Heat Manager Fuel Economizer 7512

Beckett Heat Manager Fuel Economizer 7512
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The Heat Manager fuel economizer is the newest advance in boiler controls for residential boilers. It works with any fuel, and improves hot water home heating systems. And, it's guaranteed to reduce heating fuel consumption by at least 10%!

Your boiler burns fuel (i.e. natural gas, oil or propane) just like your car burns gasoline. When your boiler runs for long periods of time and creates lots of hot water, it is like a car cruising down the highway. It’s operating at its peak efficiency. However, when less heat is needed, our boiler must turn on and off over and over again to keep you from getting too hot. This is like city stop-and-go driving, and your boiler’s fuel economy decreases dramatically. To make things worse, your boiler only knows two speeds: pedal to the metal, and full brake. Imagine how low your gas mileage would be if you drove around town flooring it and then slamming on the brake! Unfortunately, this is how your boiler operates. Adding a Beckett Heat Manager to your heating system will reduce the number of starts and stops by up to 30% and will give you a boiler that cruises – no matter how much heat is needed! This greatly improves your boiler’s efficiency and best of all, saves you money.

Best of all, lower heating bills are guaranteed! You will experience a savings of 10 to 20% in heating fuel usage with the Beckett Heat Manager boiler control.

  • Keeps your boiler running at peak efficiency.
  • Saves fuel and money by automatically adjusting boiler output as energy requirements change.
  • Far less expensive than alternative upgrades.
  • Cost is recoverable in 12 to 24 months. After that, you continue to save money year after year.
  • Installation by a qualified technician is fast and easy.
  • No programming or follow-up visits are required.
  • Provides worry-free, fail-safe operation at all times.
  • Works with any heating fuel.
  • Can be installed on most new or existing gas, oil, or propane fired boilers.
  • No outdoor temperature sensor—no holes in your walls!
  • More even comfort level, since the heat being delivered exactly matches what is needed.
  • Less wear and tear on your boiler due to fewer on/off cycles.
  • Sold by R.W. Beckett Corp., dedicated to the heating industry for more than 65 years.
  • Backed by a 5-year replacement warranty.
  • Guaranteed to reduce energy consumption at least 10% or we will refund the full purchase price of the product.

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